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        Message from the Vice Dean

        Dr. Patricia Houston,

        Vice Dean, MD Program


        Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.

        These are words penned by writer and social gerontologist Eleanor Brownn. It’s a sentiment that rings true for people caring for loved ones or helping others solve problems. It also resonates in medical education.

        We strive to provide the best learning environment possible for students. That means more than ensuring they know about health and disease through the life cycle and how to perform a physical exam. It also means making sure we’re supporting their wellbeing and success.

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        U of T MD Program
        MD applicants sometimes use lab experience as an example of their aptitude in the scholar attribute cluste… https://t.co/RAlK5Jiwml

        Student Assistance

        Information to help guide you through an urgent situation or crisis.

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